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Asian Medical, Inc. is a representative for medical companies who want to export more of their medical equipment to the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. We find, manage, and motivate medical equipment dealers in these regions, to maximize their selling efforts. The medical dealers we find and manage send purchase orders to medical companies and then pre-pay for the products and shipping charges. The medical equipment dealers are responsible for importing the products into their countries and pay all duties and taxes.

Asian Medical, Inc.
is a partner in profitability

We are compensated based on purchase order performance. We have offices and staff located in Singapore, Dubai, and the USA and pay for all our expenses associated with the management of the medical equipment distributors.

President and CEO – Michael O’Malley

When it comes to medical equipment, I often say that I’m like a real estate agent of medical equipment sales – I bring buyers and sellers together, and make great deals for both parties.

I’ve grown my business, Asian Medical, in foreign markets which includes 26 countries in Asia and 22 countries in the Middle East. Asian Medical has become the go-to Medical Rep (dealer, distributor, broker) for companies wanting to export more of their equipment to Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. We find the buyer and facilitate all aspects of the sale, including payment, logistics and successful delivery.

It’s not cliché to say I am passionate about what I do! While my work isn’t easy, I never dread Mondays and I don’t look forward to Fridays. I am extremely grateful for the success Asian Medical has experienced. For example, we doubled Midmark’s sales throughout Asia, including large orders in Hong Kong and Thailand. Through our efforts, both Bovie Medical and Awareness Technology have each grown to over $1millon in sales annually.

I began in this business as a dealer while living in Vietnam, where I lived for 6 years. I was the first American selling medical equipment in Vietnam – not to mention the first American many of the locals had seen! Since then, I have helped many companies gain sales and awards, and have personally gained an amazing view of the world.

If you want to grow your business in Asia or the Middle East, call me for a free consult and learn what options are available to you. I can evaluate where your company is now and create a strategic roadmap for where you want to go. Contact me directly.

Michael O’Malley, President and CEO

Telephone : +1.941.447.0375

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