Why is Asian Medical unique?

Asian Medical, Inc. is a performance based partner for you. We are only compensated for the demonstrated purchase orders received from Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, thus assuring mutual success. We apply our knowledge of business practices in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East to transform existing and potential medical distributors into dedicated purchasing partners. Personal contact with distributors is the key to this transformation. Our experienced staff members in Singapore, Dubai, and the United States consistently communicate with distributors to establish and maintain the most effective relationships.

Asian Medical, Inc. Operating since 1995

By dominating the medical distribution industry since 1995, we have successfully exported, marketed, and distributed medical and laboratory equipment from America to Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Asian Medical has a database of over 1,000 qualified Medical dealers across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, creating a variety of contacts to ensure a good match for your company. At our expense, we travel to the major Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern countries to meet and train local dealers.

Currently, Asian Medical manages the dealer networks for Aaron-Bovie, Burton Medical, and Dale Medical. For example, as Burton’s consultant since 2001, Asian Medical’s efforts have generated new Burton sales to dealers in the Philippines and Malaysia — countries that had not purchased Burton lights for years.

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1 Fullerton Road #02-01,
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Dubai Airport Free Zone
PO Box 54620, DUBAI

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