Where To Find the MacGyver of International Medical Equipment Sales
By Mark Aying

Your manufacturing process is the best. The market is there. Demand for your product is growing. Your American-made medical products should just sell themselves in Asia and the Middle East, right?

The missing ingredient is motivated, knowledgeable local medical dealers.

In each country, you need a dealer who understands the culture and who can sell in that market. A dealer who handles the intricacies of importing your product, dealing with customs and local regulations and pays all shipping and freight costs.

And finally, a dealer who trains your buyers and troubleshoots your equipment—a veritable MacGyver for international medical equipment sales!

If you’re a manufacturer, how do you find such a person in 1 country, let alone in 30 or more different countries–especially if you’ve never even been there?

These are the challenges that MacGyver-like Asian Medical solves for US medical manufacturers everyday.

My company has a network of more than 1,000 local medical dealers and potential dealers all over Asia and the Middle East. It’s a database that took me years to compile.

My “Asia and Middle East Rolodex” is unique–you can’t do a Dun & Bradstreet list search for medical dealers in Singapore, for example!

My background as a medical dealer in Vietnam gave me the experience and skills to size up potential dealers. I have the ability to “separate the wheat from the chaff” when it comes to picking which dealers will sell for me and which ones only sound like they might.

I can meet a dealer in Thailand, for instance, and in 15 minutes determine if he’s for real or not because I used to be him.

Business in Asia Pacific is relational. Dealers there want to have a relationship with someone from the US factory. They want to buy directly from the US factory.

That’s how I bring Asian Medical’s value to the dealer distributor. I represent the factory and I come to meet them in Taiwan, and Singapore and the Philippines and find out what’s going on in their market.

Asian Medical’s role as a manufacturer’s rep does not increase the dealers’ cost. The price they pay for the equipment is the same whether I’m sitting in their office or not.

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