The Opportunity Cost of Not Hiring an International Medical Manufacturers Rep
By Mark Aying

Many American medical manufacturers — especially smaller or medium-sized companies — see the sales opportunity that awaits them in Asia and the Middle East. But the prospect of doing business there is daunting.

First, there are language and cultural barriers, not to mention time zone differences. Second, there are currency and importing regulations and shipping logistics to consider. Next, installation and training challenges present even more potential obstacles.

And, of course, there’s the cost of doing business on the other side of the world. Flying to Singapore for a meeting. Then to Kuala Lumpur. To Malaysia for another meeting next week. And then to Thailand a month after that.
That’s the hard way to get sales overseas.

Here’s the easy way: Hiring Asian Medical as your manufacturers representative. You grow your business in the hot emerging markets in Asia and the Middle East without the cost and risk of going it alone.

Asian Medical has offices in Singapore and Dubai as well as in the United States. We have a database of more than 1,000 dealers and potential dealers in the countries we cover — dealers that we have personally screened and worked with. We know they get results for our manufacturers.

We manage and motivate dealers, set sales goals and train them so they can train the people buying your equipment in their country.

And we cover all our own costs — air, hotel, meals and entertainment, telephone and internet and other incidentals. My dealers pay for their equipment in advance and pay all freight and shipping charges.

When companies tell me they can’t afford me, I say “Fine, don’t hire me. The money you don’t want to pay me on commissions, you’ll give to United Airlines and Marriott. When you get home you’re going to have jet lag for a week and you’re going to submit an expense report to your boss. Your boss is going to see that $11,000 – $14,000 in expenses and ask ‘How much business did you get out of this?’ And you’re going to tell him ‘I’m not sure yet. I had some good meetings. I had some good meals. I’ll follow up with them by emails.'”

Some companies think about hiring me, but don’t because they think they’ll do those sales themselves.. I call them 6 months later, and I ask, “How have your Asian sales been since you decided not to hire me? Have your sales gone up since you haven’t hired me?” The answer invariably is no. Lost opportunity cost.

So evaluate the costs — and benefits — of expanding your business globally. Then contact me and let me show how to make it a reality.