By Mark Aying

One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to doing business in Asia. Consider Australia and New Zealand.
Geographically, both countries are in the Asia Pacific region. But they’re unique. Doing business there is more like doing business in Europe than in Asia, culturally speaking.

New Zealand is a hot new travel destination and it’s also an interesting business market. The entire country is pretty small– only 4-5 million people. It’s a country the size of metro Chicago or Singapore–not that big, but a good place to sell medical equipment.

Australia and New Zealand are the only two countries that didn’t go through a recession in the past four or five years. They’ve got money to spend, and both have a strong health care system. Their economies are good, primarily because of the mining and commodity materials they export, such as gold, silver, coal and precious metals.

I have good customers in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia and in Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve been to both countries many times, and I like traveling and doing business down under.

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