Do You Have Dealers in Asia-Pacific?

Asian Medical can manage these dealers and motivate them to send you more orders.

Do You Need To Find Dealers In Asia-Pacific?

Asian Medical can use its data-base of over 1,000 potential dealers to search for the most qualified dealer for your products and get them fully committed to your product line.

During the year we travel to each of the major Asia-Pacific countries to meet with your current dealers to make sure they are maximizing their efforts for your company, or to find new dealers best suited for your company.


If necessary identify better qualified dealers in certain Asia-Pacific countries.Provide sales training to the staff of each dealer, including advantages over competing products.Share successful sales techniques between other dealers.Assure every Asia-Pacific dealer has purchased adequate demo units, and has sufficient selling stock on-hand for immediate delivery to customers.Work with Asia-Pacific dealers to make sure they are aware of all large tenders in their country.Email Asia-Pacific dealers often with new product information and get sales status repor