Reduced Travel Costs

Traveling to separate Asia-Pacific countries for single meetings is not cost effective. Asian Medical assumes all these costs.

Time Savings

Following up with individual dealers in separate countries is both time-consuming and logistically difficult because of time differences, language barriers, etc. Asian Medical will handle all dealer management issues from it's Singapore and United States offices on a consistent basis.

Improved Sales Management System

Asian Medical will focus on country-specific sales procedures, allowing your company to look at your total Asia-Pacific sales.

Face-To-Face Contact

Meeting dealers one-on-one can have a dramatic impact on dealer loyalty and sales. Asian Medical enables your company to have our staff personally meet with each of your Asia-Pacific dealers, in their offices, to motivate them to sell more of your products.

More Accurate Sales Forecasts

By keeping in regular contact with local dealers, Asian Medical provides your company with more up-to-date and accurate sales forecasting for your products in each country.

Regional Experience

Asian Medical is familiar with industry practices in Asia, has a successful track record of winning tenders, and managing local sales teams.


Encouraging phone calls and emails from Asian Medical to each of your Asia-Pacific Dealers, to keep your products a priority.