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A New Frontier for Medical Equipment Manufacturers

A year ago, could you spell Myanmar? Pronounce it? Find it on a map?

Most importantly: Did you see it as a new untapped frontier for your products?

Until very recently, the Southeast Asian country formerly known as Burma was known mostly for its isolation and its oppressive military regime.

Then a new civilian government took power last year, instituting political and financial reforms. In response, the United States dropped most economic sanctions, creating one of the most exciting potential markets — 60 million people strong — for Western businesses in years.

That opportunity was highlighted by President Barack Obama’s visit to Myanmar on Nov. 19, the first-ever visit to the country by a U.S. President.

The rush to do busi...

How I ‘Pivoted’ My Medical Equipment Exporting Business

One of the hot new buzzwords in the tech-startup world these days is “pivot.” Businesses launch with one business plan, product or idea, then pivot, or change direction, as the market does.

A recent high profile example is Instagram, which started life as Burbn, a virtual location “check-in” with smartphones, but quickly “pivoted” or evolved into the wildly popular photo-sharing tool. Facebook recently bought the revamped company for $1 billion.

Silicon Valley startups aren’t the only businesses that benefit by “pivoting.”

Let me tell you how my company, Asian Medical, met the challenges of the evolving Asia-Pacific business world.

First, the back story:

In 1996, President Clinton lifted a...

The Tale of 2 Boxes

Wondering if there is a “magic formula” for American medical equipment manufacturers seeking to do business in Asian-Pacific countries?
The answer is both yes and no. Let me explain.

No. because selling medical equipment — or anything else — in Asia is like selling anywhere. You must have a great product. You must have knowledgeable, motivated salespeople. You must know your market, deliver great service, and follow up after the sale.
Business 101, right?

The second answer — yes — is a little more complicated.
Doing business in Asia is relational. Buyers want to do business face-to-face. Dealers in Asia Pacific want relationships with someone at the factory.

I have an expression, “People vote with thei...

Are International Sales Financially “Off Limits” for your Medical Manufacturing Plant?”

When faced with too much competition, instead of splitting the pie, consider making more pie. Expand your customer base internationally.

Many factories can’t handle the start-up and operating expense of a global sales channel. But there’s an alternate strategy: Outsourcing international sales to a rep firm.

My company, Asian Medical, is an outsource sales firm. When I first talk to prospective medical manufacturers, they’re always surprised to find out that It’s not the huge factories that hire me. They don’t need to. They do enough business to have their own overseas sales reps. They pay their own reps’ salaries, office rents, travel costs and other expenses associated with doing business in Asia Pac.